Share the Trail

K9/Equine Share the Trail Workshop
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  1. Understand both dogs and horses needs on the trail
  2. Learn how to safely share multi-use trails

Materials Needed:

Provided by the Clients (to be verified at check in)

  1. 6 leash (no retractable leashes)
  2. Securely fitting harness or collar
  3. High value food reinforcers
  4. Dog and people friendly dog
  5. Ability to confine your dog quietly (in car, crate, x-pen) during lesson

Lesson Plan:

  • Activity 1: Get Ready!
  • Activity 2: Dog/Horse “interaction”!
  • Activity 3: Get to know the Horses!

**All human participants must be a minimum of 18 years of age

Dogs in Open Space

“Section 02.05.010 – Dogs and other animals. Dogs and other domestic animals are allowed on District lands when under the direct and immediate control of a responsible person. Up to three dogs per individual are allowed, with exceptions beyond that number granted only through issuance by the District General Manager of a Special or Commercial Use Permit. On maintained and designated fire protection roads three dogs off-leash per individual are allowed. In all other areas, dogs and other domestic animals must be fastened to and restrained by a chain or leash not exceeding six feet in length. No person shall do any of the following on District lands:

  1. allow any dog or other domestic animal to enter environmentally sensitive or restricted areas of District lands;
  2. allow any dog or other domestic animal to interfere with, bother or disturb others using District lands;
  3. allow any dog or other domestic animal to hunt, pursue or harass other animals or wildlife;
  4. bring or keep a noisy, vicious or dangerous dog or other animal;
  5. bring or keep a dog four months of age or more without proof that the dog has a valid rabies inoculation and a valid license;
  6. fail to promptly remove from District lands any dog or other domestic animal after being ordered by District personnel to do so;
  7. allow excrement from dogs under their control to remain on District land;
  8. bring dogs or other domestic animals onto District lands without possessing a chain or leash not exceeding six feet in length for each dog or animal so that they shall be prepared to restrain their animals, if necessary.”

Is my dog OFF LEASH ready? Can s/he:

  1. Recall from many distractions (dogs, horses, people, bikes, wildlife) at a variety of distances?
    1. Trainer Tip: A good recall starts at home; distraction and distance should be added slowly to help the dog understand the behavior.
  2. Stay ON the trail and within eyesight of handler?
    1. Trainer Tip: Teach dog to offer attention to handler.
  3. Ignore passing dogs?
    1. Trainer Tip: Start far away from other dogs.
  4. Respect other trail users (people/children, horses, wildlife, bikers)
    1. Trainer Tip: Use positive reinforcement training to help dogs learn how to navigate the world around them.
  5. Can you appropriately determine when to leash your dog?
    1. Trainer Tip: Stay aware of the environment and help your dog be successful (leash your dog around other leashed dogs, horses, children and other exciting things so s/he doesn’t accidently bother others)!

If you answered “no” to any of the above, keep your dog leashed. To answer “yes!” contact a local trainer.

For more information on MCOSD rules and regulations visit