What is Katie’s Critters?

It’s time to train. It’s school for your dog. It’s a way to improve your relationship with your pet. Katie’s Critters is a Dog Training Service.

Have a new puppy?  Adopt a new friend?  Need to revisit some basics with a resident pet? I can help!

I am a clicker trainer. I believe in science and the power of reward based learning. I want to help you and your dog learn the rules of the (training) game, and I want you both to win. The most amazing component of training isn’t the practical (or silly) stuff your dog can learn to do, but the fun you will both have learning to work together as a team.

Private training gives the unique opportunity to cater to your specific needs, wants and desires. While there are certain behaviors and exercises that all dogs should learn and practice, there are just as many that can be modified to fit each unique situation. Other than physical or developmental limitations anything and everything is possible!

Some Katie’s Critters favorites:  Loose leash walking, recall, polite greetings with dogs and people, appropriate public (and at home) behavior, settle,  offered focus, optimism and the ability to take on new endeavors with a positive outlook.  Training games to help make bonding with your dog and going on dog-adventures more fun! No dog is too young or too old to learn these things, but the sooner we get started, the better!


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